ちなみに symfony-1.0.6のタスク一覧は下記のとおり

available pake tasks:
  clear-cache                > clear cached information
  clear-controllers          > clear controllers
  disable                    > disables an application in a given environment
  downgrade                  > downgrade to a previous symfony release
  enable                     > enables an application in a given environment
  fix-perms                  > fix directories permissions
  freeze                     > freeze symfony libraries
  init-app                   > initialize a new symfony application
  init-batch                 > initialize a new symfony batch script
  init-controller            > initialize a new symfony controller script
  init-module                > initialize a new symfony module
  init-project               > initialize a new symfony project
  log-purge                  > purges an applications log files
  log-rotate                 > rotates an applications log files
  plugin-install             > install a new plugin
  plugin-list                > list installed plugins
  plugin-uninstall           > uninstall a plugin
  plugin-upgrade             > upgrade a plugin
  propel-build-all           > generate propel model and sql and initialize database
  propel-build-all-load      > generate propel model and sql and initialize database, and load data
  propel-build-db            > create database for current model
  propel-build-model         > create classes for current model
  propel-build-schema        > create schema.xml from existing database
  propel-build-sql           > create sql for current model
  propel-convert-xml-schema  > create schema.yml from schema.xml
  propel-convert-yml-schema  > create schema.xml from schema.yml
  propel-dump-data           > dump data to fixtures directory
  propel-generate-crud       > generate a new propel CRUD module
  propel-init-admin          > initialize a new propel admin module
  propel-init-crud           > initialize a new propel CRUD module
  propel-insert-sql          > insert sql for current model
  propel-load-data           > load data from fixtures directory
  sync                       > synchronise project with another machine
  test-all                   > launch all tests
  test-functional            > launch functional tests for an application
  test-unit                  > launch unit tests
  unfreeze                   > unfreeze symfony libraries
  upgrade                    > upgrade to a new symfony release

task aliases:
  app                        = pake init-app
  batch                      = pake init-batch
  cc                         = pake clear-cache
  controller                 = pake init-controller
  module                     = pake init-module
  new                        = pake init-project

そして symfony-1.1.0-DEVでは。。

Available tasks:
  :help               Displays help for a task (h)
  :list               Lists tasks
  :clear              Clears the cache (cc, clear-cache)
  :app                Generates a new application (init-app)
  :batch              Generates a new batch (init-batch)
  :controller         Generates a new controller (init-controller)
  :module             Generates a new module (init-module)
  :project            Generates a new project (init-project)
  :extract            Extracts i18n strings from php files
  :find               Finds non "i18n ready" strings in an application
  :clear              Clears log files (log-purge)
  :rotate             Rotates an application log files (log-rotate)
  :install            Installs a plugin (plugin-install)
  :list               Lists installed plugins (plugin-list)
  :uninstall          Uninstalls a plugin (plugin-uninstall)
  :upgrade            Upgrades a plugin (plugin-upgrade)
  :clear-controllers  Clears all non production environment controllers (clear-controllers)
  :deploy             Deploys a project to another server (sync)
  :disable            Disables an application in a given environment (disable)
  :enable             Enables an application in a given environment (enable)
  :freeze             Freezes symfony libraries (freeze)
  :permissions        Fixes symfony directory permissions (permissions)
  :unfreeze           Unfreezes symfony libraries (unfreeze)
  :build-all          Generates Propel model, SQL and initializes the database (propel-build-all)
  :build-all-load     Generates Propel model, SQL, initializes database, and load data (propel-build-all-load)
  :build-db           Creates database for current model (propel-build-db)
  :build-model        Creates classes for the current model (propel-build-model)
  :build-schema       Creates a schema.xml from an existing database (propel-build-schema)
  :build-sql          Creates SQL for the current model (propel-build-sql)
  :data-dump          Dumps data to the fixtures directory (propel-dump-data)
  :data-load          Loads data from fixtures directory (propel-load-data)
  :generate-crud      Generates a Propel CRUD module (propel-generate-crud)
  :init-admin         Initializes a Propel admin module (propel-init-admin)
  :init-crud          Initializes a Propel CRUD module (propel-init-crud)
  :insert-sql         Inserts SQL for current model (propel-insert-sql)
  :schema-to-xml      Creates schema.xml from schema.yml (propel-convert-yml-schema)
  :schema-to-yml      Creates schema.yml from schema.xml (propel-convert-xml-schema)
  :all                Launches all tests
  :functional         Launches functional tests
  :unit               Launches unit tests



$ symfony help i18n:extract

 symfony i18n:extract [--display-new] [--display-old] [--auto-save] [--auto-delete] application culture

 application    The application name
 culture        The target culture

 --display-new  Output all new found strings
 --display-old  Output all old strings
 --auto-save    Save the new strings
 --auto-delete  Delete old strings

 The i18n:extract task extracts i18n strings from your project files
 for the given application and target culture:

   ./symfony i18n:extract frontend fr

 By default, the task only displays the number of new and old strings
 it founds in the current project.

 If you want to display the new strings, use the --display-new option:

   ./symfony i18n:extract --display-new frontend fr

 To save them in the i18n message catalogue, use the --auto-save option:

   ./symfony i18n:extract --auto-save frontend fr

 If you want to display strings that are present in the i18n messages
 catalogue but are not found in the application, use the
 --display-old option:

   ./symfony i18n:extract --display-old frontend fr

 To automatically delete old strings, use the --auto-delete but
 be careful, especially if you have translations for plugins as they will
 appear as old strings but they are not:

   ./symfony i18n:extract --auto-delete frontend fr